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    First Picture Books for Baby

    I believe the following picture books for babies will set a foundational love of reading in the heart of your small child. I consider every book on this list to be a must-have. Time spent together with a book you both enjoy is where the love of reading begins. My recommendation is to buy the largest board book style you can find. Board books will stand up to many rereads, and the bigger the book, the more immersive for the child.-->

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    The Best Children’s Picture Books (Part 2)

    The Seven Silly Eaters by Marla Frazee “When Peter was just one year old,He did not like his milk served cold.He did not like his milk served hot.He liked it warm…And he would notDrink it if he was not sureIt was the proper temperature.But Mrs. Peters did not mind.She was a mother sweet and kind;And when his milk spilled on the floor,She patiently prepared some more.She’d take the bottle from the shelfAnd chuckle softly to herself, ‘What a silly sort of eaterIs my darling baby Peter.’” Marla Frazee is one of my favourite illustrators. I never get tired of reading this book to my kids because the illustrations are so…