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    Spelt Flour Pie Crust

    Are you interested in a healthy upgrade to your pies? This Spelt Flour Pie Crust recipe is the perfect way to do that. Spelt Flour Pie dough is surprisingly very easy to work with and this reliable recipe will produce a flaky crispy pie crust that will turn a beautiful golden brown colour as it bakes. This pie crust recipe is suitable for savory or sweet pies.  If you’re not familiar with working with pastry there are a few simple guidelines to follow that will lead to success which I will share in this post. Don’t fear! You can do this.

  • stack of spelt pancakes topped with apple cinnamon topping with a drizzle of maple syrup
    Featured,  Recipes

    Healthy Spelt Flour Pancakes

    Spelt Flour Pancakes are a super tasty and healthy way to start the day! Spelt Flour Pancakes are made with simple wholesome ingredients and they’re a delicious way to incorporate spelt flour in your kitchen. These pancakes are super fluffy and tender. I give tips later on in this blog post for how to get the fluffiest pancakes.

  • Healthy Cinnamon Buns in a dutch oven with icing.

    Healthy Spelt Cinnamon Buns

    What is more comforting than a warm cinnamon bun freshly iced right out of the oven? These healthy, spelt cinnamon buns are unique with the hint of orange in the filling and the icing. They are satisfying but not overly sweet and you still feel great after eating them. Don’t be intimidated by the unique way of braiding them. It’s actually super easy!