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Creamy Carrot  Soup 

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Ultra Creamy Carrot Soup combines hearty roasted root vegetables, protein-rich cannellini beans, and nourishing vegetable broth, flavored with a hint of spicy harissa paste and zesty lime juice. This soup would make a great addition to your Easter menu! 

Simple Ingredients

carrots parsnips onion garlic vegetable stock coconut milk harissa paste lime juice salt and pepper cannellini beans cayenne pepper

Step 1: Prep vegetables and roast carrots and parsnips. Place the carrots and parsnips on a cookie sheet and roast in the oven at 425°F until they become soft and develop lightly caramelized edges

Step 2: Cook the onion and garlic. Step 3: Add in the vegetable stock, beans and flavorings.

Step 4: Take the soup off the heat and add the remaining ingredients. Pour in the coconut milk and let the soup cool for around 20 minutes, or until it's safe to blend.

Step 5: Blend the soup. Blend the soup using either a blender or an immersion blender. 

Step 6: Heat the finished soup and adjust the seasonings. Take a taste and adjust the seasonings as needed. Add more salt, pepper, harissa, or lime juice to suit your preferences.

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